Quick Proposal for Alstonville Poultry Farm:


Here is something that might interest you. 

I can make up a device that sends someone or many a message if the temp gets below a certain level.

Basically I purchase a GSM (Mobile) House alarm system and attach my Temp Sensor to it. When the Temperature drops below X c the relay closes, which activates the alarm and calls for help. It can also sound a siren..




To keep this running in the event of a blackout or local power problem. A UPS (Backup power system) will also be needed.


Entire system minus the Mobile Phone SIM, you’ll need a prepaid SIM that can SMS. Something cheap and will last the year.


Is $150 without the Backup Power.


A Basic UPS is $120 and I might be able to send an alarm if the power goes out. Giving extra time to drive in, before the temp alarm goes off as the temp drops without heating.


Total $270 installed. A small price to pay for a System that alerts you and gives you time to fix problems instead of finding them the next day.

David Robinson


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